We ship rolled prints worldwide.
We accept Credit Card, PayPal and many other payment methods.
Every Print is custom made. 
For more information on our policies, please visit our Policies in the 'Fine Print' section. 
We cater to all clients and customers. If you have a specific request feel free to contact us at admin@cultureprints.co
1.0 Where are you based?
We are an Australian based start-up with members living and working currently out of Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne. Our head office is in South Perth, Western Australia. Due to the nature of our business, and the glorious invention that is the internet, we have made lasting relationships with Printers and Artists all around the world and have loved the process of expanding the scope of our platform to cater for artists internationally.

1.1 When did you get started?
The idea for Culture Prints was born at the start of 2019, and has been steadily growing ever since. We launched our first couple of stores at the start of 2020. 

1.2 Why did you start Culture Prints?
We noticed an opportunity in the market to provide our services to photographers and artists internationally. With backgrounds in Economics and Finance, and Marketing and Logistics, the two co-founders of Culture Prints realised that their expertise in these fields could be applied to a platform that successfully promotes and provides artists with opportunities to have their work seen and purchased globally. We strive to have a streamlined back-end process, which truly enables the artists we collaborate with to focus on creating and selling their work in any capacity they wish. The positive feedback Culture Prints is receiving in the space is encouraging future growth - we are striving to become a platform artists enjoy using.

2.0 What is your printing process?
Each artist has an individualised process, due to different demands and expectations of that artist. Briefly, our team receives orders from customers in your community and works to execute those orders as efficiently as possible. Once an order has been received, we contact the printing partner most suitable to create that order. For example, If an order is placed from a customer from an Australian address, that order is then delivered to one of our partners operating within Australia - this reduces shipping costs and delivery times. The print will always be printed using materials specified in product descriptions and previously agreed upon with the artist. Once the print has been created on demand, and has been successfully delivered to the customer, the order will be fulfilled and the artist will be notified. 

2.1 Are prints identical to what I see on the screen?
Usually the colours you see on screen have been optimised to be viewed on electronic devices, so final prints and prints seen on screen may have very subtle variations. Images displayed on screen have also been compressed in order to minimize web-page load times and to prevent plagiarism. The final prints a customer will receive have been created using the original and high quality JPG or TIFF files that are held securely on our back-end.

3.0 How will my artwork be priced?
We offer different pricing tiers, depending on what you as the artist deem suitable for your community. We have a number of artists who expect their work to be printed on higher quality papers and materials, meaning their base cost of the artwork is set at a higher price. Some artists prefer their artwork to be sold on materials that are more affordable for their community, and instead aim to sell higher volumes at lower cost prices to reach similar monthly profits. This can be discussed personally with our team. Each artist is dealt with on a personal level and the team at Culture Prints will work to reach your desired outcome.

3.1 How do I get paid?
Culture Prints pays out our artists' balance through PayPal or bank transfer once an order has been completed. Payments for the artwork sold will be paid in the first week of each month, for the month previous.

3.2 What kind of materials do you use?
This can be discussed on a need-to-know basis when setting up your store. Culture Prints uses a wide variety of papers; Hahnemühle FineArt papers, Ilford papers, Canson papers, Photo Satin papers, Bockingford, Aquarelle watercolour papers and varying inks and printers. This is decided by the pricing tier, and printing expectations of the artist, as well as the capabilities of the printers being used. Prints will always be made with materials expected by artists and customers.  


4.0 Whats happening with my files?
Upon signing up with Culture Prints, you will be sent a private and secure dropbox link. You will then deposit the highest quality JPG or TIFF files preferably saved in sRGB colour profiles. These finished files will be kept on the backend and used to fulfill orders. The images that will appear on your store will be compressed slightly in order to achieve faster load times and reduce the risk of plagiarism from your site. Unfortunately, we cannot totally prevent internet users from downloading your images without paying, but we can ensure they do not get a finished product. You can deposit as few or as many files as you wish to upload to your store, but we do recommend a minimum of 9 and a maximum of 25 to ensure a high quality portfolio for your customers to choose from.

4.1 Will my work be sold elsewhere?
Your work will never be sold elsewhere by Culture Prints. We do have the right to post your material on our other social media platforms, but credit to the original owner will always be given. 


5.0 What are your shipping estimations?
As artists, customers, and printers can be located anywhere in the world, shipping estimations and costs can vary. We work very hard to make sure orders don't exceed 14 business days from time of purchase to time of delivery, but we cannot guarantee this. After deciding which printing partner can execute the order most efficiently and to the orders standard (materials, inks, papers paid for etc.) we use our printing partners closest to the customers location to achieve this delivery expectation.

5.1 What happens with returns or shipping costs?
Returns and any unexpected shipping costs will be entirely covered by Culture Prints, so artists should not have any concerns regarding this process. Returns are only accepted if the item has been damaged in transit - Culture Prints does not accept any returns based on personal preference, as all prints have been custom made upon request. 

5.2 How are my prints packaged?
Rolled Prints are shipped worldwide with free shipping on orders over $150 in a reinforced mailing tube, providing security and protection for the artwork. Framed prints are shipped worldwide but may be subject to higher delivery costs due to size and weight restrictions. They will be securely packaged with padding and wrapping to prevent damages by our printing partners. 

 5.3 Will there be import tax's on international orders?
We print from various locations around the world, which typically should reduce shipping fees and tax's. If your country of residence enforces tax's and fees on international imports then your order may be subject to these tax's. They may be collected during delivery by shipping couriers - if in doubt your local postal authority will have more information about customs fees, duties and taxes specific to your location. Buyers are responsible for paying any applicable fees required to receive their items, and shipments that are abandoned or refused by the buyer are not eligible for refunds. We would recommend complying with any local requirements as soon as possible before the shipment is discarded or destroyed (usually customs will allow 7 to 14 days). Customs fees are a local sales tax unrelated to the cost of shipping, and may still apply to orders that received a shipping discount from us.


6.0 How is the signing up process?
Signing up is simple. We will send you a terms of agreement document that outlines both parties rights and expectations and a secure dropbox link. After uploading your desired files to the dropbox folder, our team can start creating your store to any specifications you have. The terms of agreement document reiterates the artists right to retain 100% of any artwork uploaded onto our platform, and Culture Prints right to sell said art through the site whilst we still have permission. Either party has the right to terminate the agreement at any time. Should you decide to stop using the platform, all we need is written confirmation from you as the artist and your store will be shut and taken offline immediately. There are no costs to closing your store.

6.1 Could I receive a sample print when I sign up to test the quality and process?
Absolutely. We can organise to send out a sample print once the artist has signed up to the platform. Typically in the past, our artists have then used this print to advertise their new store, and use it in a giveaway competition or sell it through their social media accounts. This is left up to the artist to decide. 

6.2 Do I have freedom to work with other printing services, or to sell my work on my own platforms?
Signing up with Culture Prints does not prevent you from operating on other platforms. We do not expect or enforce exclusivity. We aim to be a service that enables artists to have their work sold and seen by as many people as possible. Many of our artists have their own websites and social media accounts that customers can contact them directly through. Should our artists receive custom orders, we are more then happy to arrange these purchases if requested. 

6.3 Can I leave whenever I want?
Yes. Your store can be closed at anytime free of charge should you decide that you no longer want to work with Culture Prints.